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Building Contractor Union Recruitment in Dallas, TX

UA Local 100 is proud to be part of the long-standing United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters. Our charter in Dallas, TX, began in 1892, and we’ve been giving our members benefits and supporting each other ever since. We focus on building contractor union recruitment to give more contractors access to our numerous resources in the area.

Get the Union Benefits

Our building contractor union is dedicated to helping our members with gainful employment. If you need a position, then we have resources to help you. We also have training programs to help you receive and stay up to date on the latest methods in the industry. UA Local 100 is also eager to help those who need business contractor training with our apprenticeship programs.

At UA Local 100, we look out for you. We work to provide and help with building contractor staffing, and we always fight for workers’ rights. Our union gives benefits like pensions, insurance, and industry resources. We have a high-quality VIP program to help veterans get back on their feet and have top-quality building contractor training to start a new job.

Use Our Great Staffing Pool

Not only can UA Local 100 help individual builders, but we also help contractors find a stable supply of qualified employees that they can trust. We help you find those in our apprenticeship programs or who have just finished their apprenticeship, or we help you find more experienced builders. Ask us about the industry resources you want.

Our union is dedicated to our members and knows that our strength comes from our members. We’ve built a great network for building contractors throughout Dallas, TX, and the surrounding areas. To join UA Local 100 or ask any questions, email us at or give us a call at (972) 489-9972.