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Why Join


In this day and age, there is a great deal of concern and uncertainty regarding retirement security. As part of your compensation package at UA Local 100, you will earn a guaranteed pension that will ensure a comfortable retirement to look forward to when you leave the workforce. You will start earning a pension on day one and will be fully vested after five years. Rest assured knowing that your retirement will be filled with enjoyment and leisurely pursuits.


We have a self-funded multi-employer health insurance plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield. Our plan is funded entirely through contributions made on your behalf by our signatory contractors. Not only are our deductibles and copays are much lower than what is offered in the non-union sector, we also offer dependent coverage at no extra cost. Additionally, we have a team of advisors and consultants that continuously monitor and alert us to market trends and health insurance products that allow us to deliver the absolute best bang for your buck.


As fellow Plumbers and Steamfitters, we understand the obstacles and experiences you go through in your career. Because of this, our union also serves as a fraternity dedicated to supporting, empowering, and assisting each other in being the best Steamfitter-Pipefitter, Welder, Plumber, Sprinkler Fitter, or HVACR Service Technician they can be. Our goal is to be more than a resource and create a family of brothers and sisters you can depend on.